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Switch xxx not work or the vfox use command does not work ?

If your shell prompt Warning: The current shell lacks hook support or configuration. It has switched to global scope automatically that means you do not hook vfox into your shell, please hook it manually first.

Please refer to Quick Start#_2-hook-vfox-to-your-shell to manually hook vfox into your shell.

Why does the PATH environment variable value repeat on Windows?

Only one situation will cause this, that is, you have used the SDK globally (vfox use -g), at this time, vfox will operate the registry and write the SDK's PATH into the user environment variable (for the purpose of, Shell that does not support Hook function can also use SDK, such as CMD).

But because of the existence of the .tool-versions mechanism, the PATH becomes the sum of .tool-verions and the user environment variable PATH.


The same SDK can be repeated at most twice, it will not be repeated indefinitely. If >2 times, please feedback to us.

Why can't I select when use use and search commands in GitBash?

Related ISSUE: Unable to select in GitBash

The problem of not being able to select in GitBash only occurs when you directly open the native GitBash to run vfox. A temporary solution is:

  1. Run GitBash through Windows Terminal
  2. Run GitBash in VS Code

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